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6 Reasons To Have A Blogger On Your Startup Team

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Today I explained to a friend why it’s difficult to find great people to start companies with. Short story: I listed a number of qualities that are less obvious then the usual suspects (motivation, domain knowledge, grasp of matters). In my experience, these less obvious qualities are critical to a startup’s success (ideally, every founder should have all ;)) .

When I was done, I noticed how I had just described a typical blogger. Hit the jump for 6 superpower reasons why we should start founding companies with bloggers.

Disclaimer: The reasons not to hire bloggers will not be discussed in this article. I can not be held responsible for damages incurred by hiring bloggers.

The links below each entry can help you acquire the discussed superpowers!

1. Bloggers Are Interested In Everything

Most bloggers are looking for stories that might be of interest to their readers and are thus interested in a large number of topics. When working on a startup with limited resources every founder should expect to be involved with everything.

2. Bloggers Know Their Internet (And It Knows Them)

The typical day for a blogger is sitting around in their underpants and surfing the internet. For a startup, this is great. Bloggers have seen everything on the net and know the dynamics of a good viral story. Also, some bloggers might even be influential or well-known in the blogosphere which further helps your cause.

3. Bloggers Know How To Write (Viral Content)

Every successful blogger can write. But why do startups need writers? In my case (German founders, all-English communication), when writing any kind of public communication such as business plans, proposals, blog entries, documentation etc., we ran into problems. Having a blogger as copywriter would definitely help.

4. Bloggers Can Work On Their Own

One defining quality for great company founders seems to be the ability to work independently, to see problems and to prioritize. Bloggers have these abilities, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to run their blog on their own.

5. Bloggers Can Do Design

At this point it should be clear that bloggers are all-rounders. One of the most important aspects of this is design; As with other products and services, a blog can only be successful if its looks appeal to the readers. For startups who usually don’t need a full-time designer in their team this is incredibly useful!

6. Bloggers Are Customer Oriented

I started blogging a couple of weeks ago. Although it started out as a writing exercise/notebook, I already find myself thinking: will this be relevant to anyone? Do my readers want to read this at all? Pro-bloggers do this to the extreme. As soon as a topic comes up (let’s say it’s trending on twitter), there are already articles on it. Needless to say, some IT startups are not customer oriented at all!



Written by Jonas Huckestein

2010/02/22 at 5:13 pm

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